Who am I today?

Nora, short for Nora Clarke, is my pen name for when I write. Zira, short for Ziranyth, is my in game name for when I play. Welcome to the life of a girl who wants everything.



Let’s start with an introduction to this character named, Nora.

It’s short for Nora Clarke, my alter-ego that appears as soon as I placed my hands on the random keys on the keyboard. I used this pen name to write my fictions, my reviews on books, travel, food, manga, anime, and anything unrelated to games.

I first discovered this name when I started a story named Coincidence and coincidentally, no one is using this name so I thought that yeah, I do like it so it shall be mine.


Let’s start with a short introduction to Zira.

Zira is short for Ziranyth, my alter-ego when I placed my fingers on the WASD keys on the keyboard. I used to call myself LemonCoke or LoneRangerZz until I decided that yeah, Ziranyth. Sounds good.